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RSS Mining is a family owned business with the focus on delivering a high quality product at an affordable rate. We have been developing shotcrete pumps for just over 10 years with the aim on the mining industry. We provide a wide range of customizable pumps and mixers, which are used across the world and are known for their top class performance and reliability. With the working man in mind, we deliver a product that can get the job done efficiently without any overcomplicated computers and circuitry.

We also provide a range of chemicals developed to work in accordance with our shotcrete pumps. These chemicals compete with all of the major chemical manufacturers in the world. RSS Mining provides a fully comprehensive service, including special orders, customization, maintenance, rebuilding of pumps and mixers and training. Maintaining a close and integrated relationship with our clients is a key aspect of our business. Our staff will advise on any purchases to ensure your satisfaction.


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RSS have been providing outstanding quality and service for just over 10 years. Our custom build pumps, mixers and chemicals are used all around the world in gold, platinum and diamond mines, to name but a few. Our services include the manufacturing, repair and supply of shotcrete and mining equipment as well as turn key solutions to shotcrete and concrete related projects. This includes batch plant operations, custom mix designs, training on all related equipment and overall project management.


We provide training workshops to staff in the operation and maintenance of our shotcrete pumps, as well as the mix design and proper application of shotcrete. Qualified consultants are available to assist with any queries and uncertainties.


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VIDEO: Rocky TSL Rotor Stator Pump Videos

This is the new member to the RSS Mining family. This pump was designed for Thin Skin Lining (TSL) applications. This is just the prototype and the final version is on its way.

VIDEO: Shotcrete Plastering. Videos

Fast, cost efficient and strong like you wont believe

Rocky Concrete/Shotcrete Pan Mixer Rocky

Technical Data for the Rocky Concrete/Shotcrete Mixer

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Line Lube Chemicals

Material Safety and Technical Data For Line Lube

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Material Safety And Technical Data Sheets for Concrete Remover

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