Line Lube


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Use / Application

Lubrication of concrete lines, hoses and pumps.


Inorganic Salts, Poly Ethylene Oxide, Lauryl Sulphate

Physical & Chemical Properties

Appearance: White Powder

Relative Density: Ca 2.1 kg/dm3

Solubility: Soluble in water

pH: 8.0 – 8.4 (in 1% Sollution)

Hazard Identification

Flammability: Non-flammable

Inhalation: May cause respiratory tract irritation.

Ingestion: May cause digestive tract irritation.

Skin Contact: Repeated and prolonged skin contact  may cause dryness and cracks.

Eye Contact: May cause redness and pain.

First Aid Measures

Inhalation: Remove victim from exposure into fresh air and administer oxygen if breathing is impaired. Seek immediate medical attention.

Ingestion: Rinse mouth and throat. Drink plenty of water and consult a doctor immediately.  Do not induce vomiting.

Skin Contact: Rinse with soap and clean water. Refer for medical attention should irritation occur.

Eye Contact: Rinse with clean water for several minutes occasionally lifting upper and lower lids.  Do not rub eyes or keep eyes closed.  Refer to doctor.

Firefighting Measures

Not applicable as the substance is non-flammable. However, in the event of toxic gas being emitted on thermal decomposition or combustion, firefighting personnel should be equipped with self-contained breathing apparatus and full protective gear. Use appropriate extinguishing media such as water spray, dry chemical, carbon dioxide or appropriate foam.  Do not get water inside containers.

Accidental Release Measures

Equip staff with protective clothing. Clean up spillage immediately. Do not create dusty conditions. Provide ventilation. Do not get water inside containers. Sweep or vacuum up material and place in suitable disposal containers.

Handling & Storage

Storage: Store the substance out of direct sunlight in a dry, well-ventilated area. Store away from incompatible substances. Substance should be stored in tightly closed plastic containers. Avoid storage longer than specified shelf life.

Toxicological Information

The substance contains no carcinogenic materials. No toxic materials.


As non-hazardous waste the material may be disposed of in a landfill in accordance with government regulations. Check local regulations for applicable requirements prior to disposal.


No special known transport regulations. Check with local authority  and transport company to verify specific requirements.

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