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Salts of Sulphonated Polymer

Physical & Chemical Properties

Appearance: Dark Brown Liquid

Relative Density: N/A

Solubility: Miscible

pH: 4 – 6

Hazard Identification

Flammability: Non Flammable

Inhalation Chronic exposure to vapours may  cause cough.

Ingestion Ingestion in harmful quantity is unlikely.

Skin Contact: Prolonged skin contact may sensitize  skin and cause mild irritation.

Eye Contact: Causes slight irritation and redness.

First Aid Measures

Inhalation: Remove affected personnel to fresh air.

Ingestion: Drink plenty of water and consult a doctor immediately. Do Not induce vomiting.

Skin Contact: Rinse with clean water.

Eye Contact: Rinse with clean water.

Firefighting Measures


Accidental Release Measures

Wear approved personal protective equipment including gloves, goggles  and respirators. Abide by local authority and industry regulations when handling, mixing  and placing liquid products. Large quantities released in water may result in harm to aquatic life.

Handling & Storage

Keep in properly closed containers in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Toxicological Information

Non-Toxic to personnel when handled correctly. Large quantities released in water may increase water pH and result in  harm to aquatic life. No data available on acute toxicity.


Dispose of as per local site procedures and local authority regulations  for cementitious products.


No special known transport regulations. Check with local authority and transport company to verify specific requirements.

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