RockAcell 51 Concrete/Shotcrete Accelerator


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Use / Application

Alkali free concrete/shotcrete accelerator


Aluminium sulphate, Diethanolamine, Aqueous solution based  on aluminium sulphate.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Appearance: Opaque to Dull Green Liquid

Density: 1.3 – 1.4

Solubility: Soluble in water

pH: 2.4 – 3.6

Hazard Identification

Flammability: Non-flammable

Inhalation: Spray mist may cause irritation to mucous membranes and respiratory tract.

Ingestion: The substance may cause nausea, vomiting and burning of mouth and throat.

Skin Contact: Repeated and prolonged skin contact may cause redness, irritation or skin burns.

Eye Contact: The substance may cause severe eye irritation and possible cornea damage.

First Aid Measures

Inhalation: Remove victim from exposure into fresh air and administer oxygen if breathing is impaired. Seek immediate medical attention.

Ingestion: Rinse mouth and throat. Drink plenty of water and consult a doctor immediately.  Do not induce vomiting.

Skin Contact: Rinse with soap and clean water. Refer for medical attention.

Eye Contact: Rinse with clean water for several minutes. Refer to doctor.

Firefighting Measures

Not applicable as the substance is non-flammable. However, in the event of toxic gas being emitted on thermal decomposition (aluminium oxides), firefighting personnel should be equipped with self-contained breathing apparatus.

Accidental Release Measures

Equip staff with protective clothing. Prevent the release of product into drains or waterways. Notify the applicable authorities should any spillage occur. Clean up spillage as soon as possible using absorbent materials  and disposable containers.

Handling & Storage

Store the substance out of direct sunlight in a dry well-ventilated area. Substance should be stored in closed plastic containers. Storage in steel containers may result in chemical reaction with pressure build-up inside container. Extended exposure to high temperatures in a closed container  may result in rupture or explosion. Avoid storage longer than specified shelf life. Hazardous decomposition products Sulphur Dioxide/ Trioxide. Avoid contact with Chlorites, Hypochlorites and Sulphides. Aggressive reaction with Copper, Aluminium, Zinc and Metals.

Toxicological Information

The substance contains no carcinogenic materials. No toxic materials.


Do not dispose into drains or waterways. Product may be toxic to aquatic  life in large quantities. Dispose of as per local site procedures and local  authority regulations.


No special known transport regulations. Check with local authority  and transport company to verify specific requirements

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